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Setting Karburator Motor

Written By the world tutorial on Sabtu, 10 September 2011 | 22.01

Setting Motor Carburetor
The main task of the carburetor is to mix Fuel (BB) + air (O2). Roughly the ratio of its range BB: O2 adl 1: 13-15. Just let the machine do dapet gmn supply mix that much.
Why pake range, whereas the theory in an ideal combustion buku2 it 1:14?
Jwbannya adl Because the condition affects the machines & setting mixed environments BB: O2.
For example:
The higher the compression the hotter the engine MEAN MEAN need more supply of BB not let the engine broken.
Humidity (moisture) environment the higher MEANS BB contaminated water mixture, the mixture poorer MEAN, MEAN gasoline hrs more.
Low environmental temperature MEAN MEAN working temperature down gasoline engines must be reduced so that the working temperature of the engine so ideal.
Muffler bobokan (Free flow) the higher the rpm MEAN MEAN MEAN need to increase engine temperatures higher BB.
And many more parameters that must be diperhatiin including design inlet on the block who b'pengaruh dg spuyer setting as a channel BB.
That theory basically.
Setting Karbu:
Karbu pny 2 spuyer:
One main jet (tuk NSR std size 130) reply meyalurkan play BB at about half throttle or more rounds
One jet pilot (NSR std size 45) who plays BB channeling of gas round 0 degrees until full, cm the effect of this jet pilots could be said not too significant in the full throttle engine rpm N-me-high.
Another thing with the influential settings including:
Venturi carburetor size
Needles skepticism
Wind suits
Power jet.
Venturi carburetor bigger then the more air that pass SHG spuyer greater need either the pilot or main jet can be fitted spy mixture.
Then when we raised ato spuyer2 shrink again?
Previously hrs gejala2 know first machine and most of the time shortage BB BB:
1. "Ngempos" are symptoms such as loss of engine power due to lack of reply BB
2. "Mberebet" adl engine symptoms who actually feels like a restrained power cm solid and sometimes accompanied by the thud of metal settingannya if too wet.
Kl NGEMPOS mean machine takes BB, BB kl brebet most machines.
Well here kasus2 who frequent krn pilot jet issue:
Motor kl morning Because life is so hard to open the gas continued to die ngempos yes means naekin jet pilot.
Motor dah streets but often tiba2 lost power when a low round n round gas jet pilot means naekin
Motor over-heat when the road often means asking naek slow jet pilot
Motor brebet in lap down but good on the put on the pilot jet means greatness.
Motor not use the choke kl N can directly start the morning
(This is not normal jg) means the pilot hrs down.
In conclusion, there kl ngempos symptoms, high temperatures are relatively low diputaran who then asked naek jet pilot, N kl have symptoms of low jg brebet in the put down the pilot hrs.
Kasus2 tuk trus main jet:
Mtr brought kebut2an trus sampe lap top so finish the road so ngempos coupled pelan2 asep ngebul MEANS temperature increases dramatically at high speed main jet MEANS'm up
Breath of the motor in the run up the main jet is too long mean'm up.
Mtr ngelitik whereas some other normal engine temperature MEAN VERY MEAN HIGH when the lap top up the main jet requested.
Motor brebet in a put up just mean playing jet'm down
In conclusion, if mtr brebet on top means a put down hrs main jet, if mtr high temperature in the run-up means the main jet will get up.
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